Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Vintage Casual pt. 2 ~ ft. Plato's Closet

What are you most self conscious about? Come on...I know there's gotta' be one thing, or even several. Especially if you're a 'Vanity Queen' like I am lol. Me??? Its always been a variety of things. But nothing quite fazes me as much to this VERY DAY 'chicken legs'.

Yep, I got a pair of legs like two baseball bats and they've always been something I've tried to hide and cover up. Pair of blue leans, maxi skirt, long pants ANYTHING to keep them from seeing the light of day! I know some people think my legs are attractive, but personally I've just never been a fan of calf-less legs. :-(. Needless to say my journey into 'Retro-ville' has changed my style tremendously, and has caused me to embrace my legs...(to a degree). But nothing BEATS that last bit of self-consciousness out of you quite like South Florida Heat!

While out shopping last weekend in 95° weather; while sporting a pair of black, YES BLACK jeans, impending heat stroke gave me the epiphany I needed....."$%&#$%4!!!!!!  Gotta' get me a #$%&&# #$%&4& short  summer dress!!! Before I #%&$#%& pass out in this #$%$&* #%&$*+ HEAT!!!!"

THANK SWEET LORD JESUS for 'Plato's Closet'.The girliest teeny-bopper short shorts, skirts and dresses consignment shop I know!
Not saying everything in there is for teenagers of course. I love Plato's variety of trendy, designer and unique selections. And even more importantly, I L-O-V-E Plato's prices! 

Despite my heat stroke induced delirium, I was able to  find this super cute and super affordable summery coordinate that has inspired my Vintage Casual looks for the rest of the season.

~Plato's Closet~

Dress: Lily Rose ~ $8 (50% off!!!)
Shoes: Arden B. ~ $12 (& brand new!!! STEAL)
Handbag: Banana Republic ~ under $25

Wanna' know where I got those Clubmaster Frames? Stay tuned....;-)

Love Always,

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