Saturday, July 5, 2014

Eva•Nyc Therapy Session Hair Mask Review

Morning Loves!

As promised in my April/May 2014 Ipsy Bag post, I am doing a review of Eva•Nyc Therapy Session Hair Mask.

In the description the product's highlights are "Keravis Protein and Argan Oil; (that) Deeply conditions Repairs and Strengthens (the hair)".

As you can see from the pic above I MURDERED the sample size tube that Ipsy sent me (all in one hair is pretty thick). 

I was a bit worried that because the description listed 'protein' and 'strengthening' as a product highlight, that it was possibly a 'protein heavy' hair mask. From experience I've noticed that 'protein heavy' mask had a tendency to dry my hair out and make it feel strong but hard. So in precaution I used a moisturizing pre-poo conditioner and shampoo. 

When I first squeezed the product out of the tube I as expecting a traditional heavy yet thin consistency and was very surprised at how thick and luscious the mask was (and Fragrant, it smelled absolutely Lovely!). Although the bottle was a small sample, it was still enough to fully saturate all of my hair. Sadly, I wasn't able to let the mask sit on my hair for very long (just 10-15 mins.) b/c I was pressed for time this morning. But to speed up the conditioner's ability to penetrate in such a short amount of time, I covered my hair with a plastic cap and sat under a hair dryer. 

Despite my fear, the mask didn't dry my hair out at all, but rather it left it feeling strong yes, but also very supple and easy to detangle. I was able to comb right through my hair (the end ups method) without using any additional products after rinsing out the conditioner. I also ended up blow drying my hair without using a heat protectant (or olive/grapeseed oil) and my hair still  remained manageable and soft to the touch and resisted drying out or frizzing up. 

All in all I think I will be looking out for the full size bottle next time I go conditioner shopping. This is definitely a product that I would like to use again. 

Tah' tah' for now!

Love Always, 

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