Saturday, August 2, 2014

Breakfast for the Non-Breakfast People ft. Belvita Breakfast Bisciuts

Hello Daaahhh-lings!

I have somewhat of a boring post but IDK I guess someone will find it interesting.

I am by no means a breakfast person, as in I normally don't eat heavy meals first thing in the morning, and only opt for breakfast-type foods (pancakes, eggs, ect.) later on in the day like brunch/lunchtime or even dinner time (coincidentally I just had waffles and scrambled eggs for dinner the other night).

I've known a few ppl like myself who also aren't fond of 'the most important meal of the day' but one thing we all have to admit, is that putting in a early/full morning's work on a completely empty stomach isn't wise...

Even if you don't want to 'eat a meal' you should still always put something in your stomach to keep your stamina up.

...No coffee doesn't count as a 'meal replacement'.

Personally I've tried fresh fruit/veggie smoothies, protein shakes/bars, sugary sweets such as coffee cakes, doughnuts, cookies, ect. (not a good idea), bagels, fresh fruit, and of course my 'French/Parisian' fave parfaits (the yogurt, fruit and granola version).

Although parfaits are my usual go to, lately I've been wanting something a little more solid to pair with my morning coffee/cappuccino.

Que jingle...

Wrote about it on my blog....LOL

This is what my typical breakfast w/hot or cold coffee looks like.

kk, so the commercial implies that the biscuits are made with ingredients  like whole grains and fruits. And yes I can taste that to an extent, but its also somewhat cookie-ish too. I've been purchasing the Soft Baked variety, rather than the crunchy ones, and you can see the grains and dried fruits.

I like the Mixed Berry but it also comes in Banana Bread, Oats and Chocolate and Cinnamon.

All in all I've found them to be just filling enough to get me through my typical 8 a.m. to noon crunch when I don't want to eat, but at the same time don't want to be hungry.
Depending on my mood I'll usually compliment them with some fruit and/or veggie juice too.

Out of the two which do you prefer 'Naked Juice' or 'Bolthouse'???


Love Always,


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