Thursday, September 11, 2014

(9/11) I was twelve years old..

I actually was going to post something different tonight. But watching the many documentaries on 9/11 kind of changed my tune a bit.

My rant on Facebook

"To all the people who give our boys in blue/and other service men/women a lot of crap. Take the time out to acknowledge and remember all of the service men and women who gave their lives and/or saved hundreds of lives on this day 13 Years ago. And to all those who were too young or not even born, take the time out to watch one of the many documentaries being aired. #NeverForget #9/11"

I was twelve years old and less that two months away from my thirteenth birthday when it happened. I was in my morning class at Watson B. Duncan Middle School, when at some point the tragedy was announced. What occurred later on that day was a blur. But I don't believe we rotated classes like we normally do. And we may have even been released from school early. I do recall one by one my peers being called by the front office for early release as their parents left work and raced to the school to pick up them up.

A feeling of numbness was in the air, and even the juvenile class clowns knew that wasn't the day to mess around.

In the last few years I always catch the various documentaries that come on about 9/11.

News footage, cell phone videos, testimonials, transmissions, phone calls, messages....

Yes we have our flaws as a whole, but we are all ONE nation. And the selflessness shown by our service men/women and all others who gave/risked their lives to save another on 9/11 proves it.

Never Forget.

Love Always,

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