Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bébé Pied

Ou prendre soin de vos pieds non?????

J'ai essayé Baby Foot about a month ago after reading Cheeserland's review and how her husband's feet peeled like a snake when he used it!

Gross non!?!?!

I ordered the lavender scented with smelled good but in a very generic way.

You cut the top off the little socks/baggies and stick your (clean) feet in a solution which feels pretty much like the same consistency as aloe-vera juice.

(You can also soak your feet in water ahead of time, which is what I did)

As per instructions I left the baggies on for 1-hour and then washed my feet with warm water and soap afterwards.

Nothing to it....

But over the next week or so noticed no progress to my skin. As a matter of fact they felt terrible!!!
...all dry and leathery feeling, and lotion didn't penetrate or smooth my skin at all!!!!
Pissed is an understatement as to how I felt about my terrible waste of money >=(!!!!

Then it happened.

I was in the shower and noticed a little bubble forming up under a layer of my skin.

A little rub a light scratch with my fingernail and B00m the peeling began.

Snake status!

So oui, Baby Foot works, or at least it did what it was supposed to do. Peeled off all the rough skin on my feet and revealed a whole new layer of baby soft skin.

(My dearest apologize to those of you who hate feet or found this post totally repulsive ;-p)

Love Always,

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