Sunday, October 26, 2014

How to Achieve Marilyn Monroe Pin Curls with Flexi-Rods (verbal)

I posted this 'No Flex Zone' pictorial post a couple of months ago, simple b/c I had no idea what to write, but was really feeling my Marilyn Monroe inspired pin curls and wanted to display them on this blog.

Simply b/c I haven't a clue what "No Flex Zone" means. 

So why not make it a verbal  'How To'

I have upper back/armpit length hair, so in order to achieve a 'Marilyn' look, I needed to get quite a bit of shrinkage. So I decided to use water as a my curl holding agent which also somewhat shriveled my naturally curly hair back to its organic state. 

Along with water I also used Extra Virgin Olive Oil (I put some in my hair every-other-day, but you can substitute it for any hair product or oil of you liking), a bristle brush, and small to medium sized flexi-rods. 


Since I was experimenting back when I did this style, I didn't take any 'Demo Pics' sry...

But the steps were fairly easy. 

1) Pour a table spoon or so of Extra Virgin Olive Oil into your hands, rub them together and them work the product through your hair, paying attention to the ends.

2)  Dampen you hairbrush by running it under some cold water and tapping/shaking off the excess.

3) Take a small section of you hair and brush it ear length down.

4) Curl your hair around the flexi-rod just as you would with a hair roller and bend the rod to secure it. 

5) Repeat until all hair is secured in a flexi-rod. 

I slept in the rods overnight and woke up to gorgeous curls.

The must challenging part about achieving this hairstyle was molding. It really just depends on your hair texture. But for me I started out by first coming 0out the curls with a wide tooth comb. Combing the curls resulted in a frizzy bundle which I then spent quite a bit of time brush into a smoothed out and desired shape. 

Like a said how you mold completely depends on your hair.

This was my end result. 

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