Thursday, October 16, 2014

Lancome Visionnaire vs. L'Oreal Youth Code (Quick Text Review)

Let's face it. 

We as women of all ages have skin problems (guys too, but this post is for the ladies). I mean we suffer from acne, fine lines, wrinkles, scars, dark spots, age spots you name it. At the age of 25 my acne vanished years ago, minus the occasional breakout or two, but every time I get one little blemish or blackhead the scar that it leaves behind last forever!!

Over time my face was beginning to become an embarrassing collection of all of my past breakouts. No matter what I did those scars refused to leave or fade any faster. However, as a beacon of light at the end of the tunnel I received a little treat in my very first Lancome gift bags from Macy's ~as seen in this post

It was a sample size of a product called Visionnaire. Labeled as an 'Advanced Skin Corrector' I began faithfully using it for my pores and fine lines, not even thinking of the magic it would do on my dark spots. 

Amazing! It was like a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser or something. My impressive collection of dark spots and scars was radically vanishing. 

Of course sample sizes don't last forever, so I began doing research on the ingredients within the product that was working as a magic elixir for my skin. Apparently its a serum called LR 2412 that is infused in the product at a high concentration. I also quickly found that their was a dupe for Visionnaire made by Lancome's very own little sister, L'Oreal ~Youth Code ~Dark Spot Corrector

I purchased and used the product religiously until the bottle was gone, and yes I did see results. What's the difference??? Simple. I think I only paid $20 to $25 for the Youth Code, and even though it isn't always true that cheaper products produce cheaper results, in this case it just produced slower results. The reason why I learned later on is b/c the L'Oreal product contains a lower concentration of the active ingredient LR 2412. ~There are also textual and consistency difference between the two products.

End of the day I wanted more Visionnaire, and so I bit the bullet and paid the retail price for a full size bottle (Not Pretty).


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