Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Lipstick Routine: Why So Serious???

Lipstick. Red Lipstick! 
Some people can't live with it...
...and people Like me, Can't Live Without It!

But for all my lipstick loving ladies, have you ever went out for a night in the town thinking you look like this

When you really look like this?????

W.T.F(reak)!!!!!! NIGHTMARE

I've noticed one thing that lip gloss loving women tend to absolutely Hate about our Beloved red lipstick, is the fact that its so unforgiving. Let it bleed outside of your lip-line just slightly and ... Well...

Yeah, you get it. People may not take you so seriously, which can be a major blow to your confidence. And whatever you do ALWAYS make sure you do a teeth check (or the finger trick). So how do women who LOVE the red stuff dodge a visit from the Dark Knight?? 

Lip liner of course. I love using a creamy to matte liner as a base or as my color itself. Liner not only works to define your lips and make them look fuller, but it also gives the lipstick something to stick to. The color becomes more resilient to fading and most importantly Bleeding!

My Everyday Lipstick Routine:

Moisturize my lips with a red tinted lip balm. Lately I've been using Em by Michelle Phan's creamy lipstick in the color 'I'm Taken All-Redy'. Its not necessarily a balm, but its extremely sheer and exceptionally moisturizing, so it makes a very nice base. One coat is all I need.

Afterwards I line my lips; usually bottom first. 

Fill in.

Then top. I have full lips naturally but still like to shape them outside of my lip line just slightly. It creates a Dolly-Heavy-Pout effect

Pout On Dah-ling <3

Amour Toujours,
Li.Ree <3

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  1. Hi Li Ree! I’m very happy for our friendship on IFB! You are a very expert of lipstick....congratulations!!! Kisses,