Saturday, October 25, 2014

Week of October 14' Food Diary

I think I have mentioned my 'attempted' Pescetarian dietary habits before. Have I been going strong???



Honestly I haven't been doing too bad, in the sense that I'm conscious about what I eat and whether or not it has meat. And usually at resturants I will opt for a non-meat dish (or at least a fish entre). Case in point Cracker Barrel which I visited quite a few times in the last couple of weeks (call it a rekindled old flame).

Breakfast: Eggs in a basket (scrambled eggs and toast)
Lunch (1): Fried Catfish and meatless sides
Lunch (2): Turkey (Triche) but didn't eat much of it (went ham -pun intended- on the stuffing, cranberries, greens and mac&cheese, though).
Lunch (3): Pinto Beans, mustard greens and cornbread.
not too bad, non???

Oct. 13

Well today my 'Aucun' list has just expanded. I went to a workshop for work (oui on Columbus day) and opt'd for a Fit: Health and Wellness class. Well I learned some new no's to add to beef, pork and poultry.


Yea there was an actual jingle to go along with the acronym.
Well there goes pizza with extra garlic butter sauce and an ice cold Dr. Pepper :-((((

No its not forced upon me, but I would like to at least attempt these eating habits (with a few cheats here and there of course).
Went to one of my favorite restaurants 'Crazy Asian'  afterwards.

Its a buffet style resturant that serves predominantly (Americanized) Asian cuisine.

Love their food LOVE the atmosphere!

Désolé. No food pics I was STARVING!!!

Oct. 14

Breakfast ~ Coffee* ~ lil' cream, lil' sugar, prefer coffee strong/black, Yogurt and granola

Lunch ~ Cherry Blossom roll from Kabuki • sry didn't take pics but it was Delish! • ~white fish, tuna, scallions, sesame seeds, cucumber, avocado, ginger, wasabi~

Here's Some of Kabuki's pics and dishes <3

Snack ~ 4 Girl Scout shortbread cookies (Triche), coffee* and a handful of Plantain chips.

Dinner ~ There was really nothing at home that was No BBSSC AND Pescetarian friendly so I choose to make something in the 'No BBSSC' range ~ two eggs and  fried turkey (I HATE lunch meat but my brother keeps that junk in the house).

Besides coffee today, I had diluted orange juice and water.

Oct. 15

Beakfast ~ Publix Raisin Bran cereal w/fat free milk

Lunch ~ Miso soup from Kabuki (fish broth w/tofu and seaweed) and an egg salad sandwich (two boiled eggs, squirt of mayo, one slice whole wheat bread

Dinner ~ more Raisin Bran :-/

Oct. 16

Breakfast ~ Starbucks Strawberry smoothie, I always ask them to hold the milk (strawberries, protien powder, banana, juice/strawberry pureé). Not sure if they add extra sugar but knowing Starbucks...

Lunch ~ leftover Miso Soup, Black bean soup over white rice and Sweet Plantains.

Never knew Vegetarian meals could looks so good!!!!

Oct. 17

Breakfast ~ 1/2 cup Coffee w/cream & sugar

Lunch ~ Leftover BB Soup and a new batch of White Rice
Small salad in late afternoon. Just lettuce w/Italian dressing

Dinner ~ Pescetarian Friendly: Fried Catfish, Mustard Greens, Fried Okra, Baked Sweet Potato (w/melted butter and brown sugar cheater, cheater Pumpkin eater)

Also this cutesy bottle of Coke. *squeal* I L-O-V-E retro glass soda bottles ^-^!

Oct. 18

Breakfast ~ DD Munchkins & French Vanilla Coffee -no I didn't eat them all...

As for le reste du week-end

Je promets I wasn't that bad. Je juste didn't catalog everything j'ai mangé.

Well, C'est la vie!

Amour Toujours, 

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