Saturday, November 15, 2014

Qupid Shoes Lace Oxford Stilettos Review

Originally I had a very long and detailed entry that I typed a couple of nights ago, but it inadvertantly got deleted just now while I was trying to edit it. I swear things like that make you want to cry as a blogger. Takes me back to college when you've absolutely worked your ass off on a mid-term/final paper and your thumb drive crashes!!!

Yes that has actually happened to me....T-W-I-C-E!!! >__<
So with that I suppose I'll render whatever I can of this review from memory.


When starting my vintage fashion journey over a year ago. One thing that has transformed even more so than the clothes in my closet, is my taste in shoes.

You know what they say. Shoes make the Man..errrm...Woman....OUTFIT!

Yea, lets go with that one.

Yes Heels, Stilettos and Flats, are all very generic. But certain styles and designs compliment and complete your personal style more so than others.

My Pro-Vintage styles of choice? Well in terms of flats, I ditched my Asics sneakers as a means everyday comfortable footware. And swapped them out for gaudy flats, and the granddaddy of vintage footwear. Bass Saddle shoes.

Golf anyone?

How about some Swing Dancing???

I swear everytime I wear these things an older person is walks up to me and starts telling me their stories of high school in the 50s and 60s....

As for heels, I did the Mary-Janes thing temporarily, but I quickly kicked them to the curb when I discovered oxford stilettos!!

My very first pair were these Lauren Conrads that I purchased last Fall. 

I love these pinup style laceup boots so much that I searched high and low for something similar. Instead I found something even better...

Qupid's L-A-C-E Oxford Heels.

No they aren't actually made of lace, but with a thead woven, lacey floral print and mesh plastic screen that's just sheer enough to let your feet breathe.
As a bonus they are coated in suede on the heel and toe.

I originally ordered these shoes in pinky beige. 

But I adorded them so much that I ordered a second pair in black a few months later.


Are they true to S-I-Z-E???

This is a question that we all ask when buying shoes {or anything} that you haven't tried on first.
I'm a size 8 {US}, and they didn't require any stretching or breaking in at all. So in my case I had no sizing issues. Just as a word of precaution, check the size chart on whatever website you order them from.

Are they C-O-M-F-O-R-T-A-B-L-E???

Like most heels these days, this shoe has a platform design; meaning that your foot isn't forced into an extreme arch. I've always found that exceptionally more tolerable than non-platform heels. Of course a cushion insert never hurts.

Are they D-U-R-A-B-L-E???

Personally I just don't walk around in heels anymore. Yes, I wear them at work or walking short distances. But definitely not when running errands or doing everday things. **Preservation of my shoes that don't get scuffed up on the cement sidewalk, and most importantly preservation of my feet.**

However, these heels are like all heels that have a plastic bottom {as upposed to rubber}. They're going to get scuffed up eventually.

Just enjoy them before the do, or as an alternative go to a shoe repair shop and have them replace the rundown plastic heel-tab with a new one.

That pretty much concludes my re-composed review.
Tah-Tah for now my Loves!

Yeah, yeah pillows don't match. I was changing out my

L'Amour Toujours,
Li.Ree xox

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