Saturday, November 15, 2014

Real Women Wear Nylons {D.I.Y. Back Seam Nylons}

Real. Women. Wear. Nylons.

Yes I did it.

I finally figured out how to D.I.Y. a legit looking pair of back seam nylons! No I don't want to share how quite yet {or at all even ~ Sorry, but hey, every women needs an air of mystery}, but I will say that the seams ARE NOT drawn on and there is a light amount of sewing and tedious measuring involved.

So tell me. Do you vintage~lovers think that nylons will ever make a comeback in modern/everyday fashion???

Perhaps that would be more plausible if they didn't run. Well despite that minor inconvenience, they have definitely become an everyday staple of my attire. Even the-more-so now that I've discovered how to add that classic, edgy and sexy 'faux' back seam. <3

L'Amour Toujours,