Monday, January 19, 2015

Household Vintage ft. Crosley Radio~

Happy 2015 my Dah-lings!!

For me this year has begun with a few significant changes, but overall it still feels the same. Big New  Ho-rah #1, I finally moved!!!! after months of pondering on it! So now I  definitely have the additional space i need(ed) to make a mini-studio in my apartment.

The move itself wasn't hectic, but (as a girl) coming up with that perfect theme/color scheme that still matches my Vintage lifestyle has been a new and interesting challenge.

My main squeeze Target, usually never fails in supplying me with the basic household necessities that I need , but I never thought that it would be the supplier of the first 'Vintage Themed' piece in my apt.

I purchased this Crosley radio for about forty (40) bucks from Target.

I mean LOOK at the darn thing, do I even have to go into detail as to why I snatched it without thinking twice???!!!

Its soo stinkin' cute and sooo stinkin' me!!!

For those of you who may not be familiar with the Crosley brand, they were originally a very reputable manufacturer, that launched in the 1920s with their unique variety of radios, vehicles, refrigerators, televisions. ect. Click here for more of their impressive history. In recent years, they're name has made a comeback with their design and launch of 'Retro Inspired' electronics, including turntables, jukeboxes, telephones, headphones, televisions, radios and many other electronic accessories.

As far as specs go, its a Songbird AM/FM radio designed and produced by the notorious Crosley brand.

Its both battery and outlet adaptable, and includes an alarm clock, headphone jack and Portable Audio Ready Port (PAR) input, making it compatible with Ipods or any other range of MP3 players.

In my opinion the quality of the sound and range of volume is also pretty impressive considering how inexpensive it was...

As you can see I just love taking pictures of the darn thing! It has such a beautiful blend of antique and modern features that make it the perfect addition to any Modern Pinups household collection.

Tah-Tah for now my Dah-lings!!

Love Always,


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