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Why I left Ipsy, How Can They Get Better and Will I Rejoin???

Hello Dah-ling readers.

I am sure that many of you who frequently check out my blog post have noticed the lack of Ipsy Bag related pictorials and reviews. Well that is because I cancelled my subscription with about two months ago. I took several pictures of what was supposed to be my last Ipsy Bag review and Winter Beauty post, but never exactly got around to posting it.

Honestly, the reason I was so frustrated with creating this post, is because somewhere half way through creating it the font and spacing got all jacked-up and it is damn near impossible to fix technical issues like that on blogger!!! Thank God I have finally decided to invest in a laptop, b/c I'll be able to just type all of my entries on Microsoft Word, and then just copy and paste them onto Blogger's format.

As a treat here is the 'unfinished' post.


To those of you who prefer Mode post shield you eyes!!! Parce que je dois another produits de beauté post coming your way. Yes, I am finally getting around to sharing my Septembre et Octobre 2014 Ipsy (mygam) sacs.

This picture I posted of the Street Style sac has been getting a lot of attention on my Instagram (hint, hint if you don't already follow me).

Les Produits Incluent Des:
Nourish Organic Facial Cleanser (not pictured)
Cailyn Tinted Lip Gloss
Dual-Sided Makeup Brush
Pacifica Eyeliner
Caviar CC Cream (pour les cheveux)

Beauty Candy Bag:
Les Produits Incluent Des:
Skyn Facial Cloths
ECRU New York BB Cream (pour les cheveux)
Figs & Rouge Mango Mandarin Hand Cream
Niya 'Deeply In Mauve' Lipstick
Mineralized Baked Powder Eyeshadow
BB & CC Creams. Haven't tried out either of them yet, and I'm also not familiar with these product lines so I can't say whether or not they're an asset at this moment. 
This Nourish Organic facial cleanser has recently become a consistent product in my skincare routine. A use it interchangeably with my other facial washes at least three times a week. It has a silky texture and lathers well with very little product (a plus for those like a lathering facial wash). Another bonus is that it's USDA certified organic, composed of very few ingredients and has light to no fragrance (Can't quite tell b/c my sinuses have been a little haywire lately with the change of climate).

As you can see I also spoiled myself w/two new fragrant body washes. Pumpkin Latte & Marshmallow from Bath & Body Works, and Peppermint Stick by Philosophy . They both have their own distinct bakery/holidays fragrances. 


That's pretty much all I got through before the inadequate spacing threw me bat-shit crazy. 

Why Did I Leave Ipsy??

The reason I left wasn't because of anything scandalous like, lack of customer service or issues like damaged goods/products. I left for one simple reason. I just wasn't using the products that they sent me. Don't get me wrong. I loved seeing that cute neon pink bag in my mailbox every month and was always excited to test out all of my new goodies and set up fun and creative ways to display them for a photo shoot. But then what would happen??? I'd use maybe two products out of each bag and then everything else would end up in a random drawer never to be used. I was starting to have such a hectic collection of unused Ipsy products in my dreaded 'junk drawer' that it was getting to be ridiculous. Yes I gave a few things away here and there, so as not to be wasteful and just trash the lips glosses ect., but in the end, I thought it would be better, just to cancel altogether. 

How Can Ipsy get Better???

I set up an account on a few years back, but never really interacted with the customer service aspect of their site. I monitored random accounts every once in a blue moon, and saw that there were customers who petitioned to Ipsy reps to send them a featured product that was more their color choice or inquired whether or not fellow Ipsy members were willing to swap one product for another because it was either the wrong color or just something that they couldn't use, ect. 
All in all that just seemed to be an extra hassle to me and I would have preferred to receive a bag full of at least four (4) products that I cold have used...
I know there is a surprise aspect behind their monthly bags, but in my personal opinion Ipsy would be so much better if it dug a little bit deeper to get to know its customers. When you sign up, they should ask you Do you prefer questions like...

Gel or liquid Eyeliner???
Lipstick or Lip Gloss???
Hair Care of Skincare???
Matte, Glossy or Creamy Lips??
Faux lashes or Lengthening Mascara???
Fragrances or Nail Polish???
Shimmery or Matte Eye Shadow???
Bright colored Eye Shadow or Neutral?
Bright Bold Lips or Soft and Natural???

And definitely more complexion/skin type questions.

Ipsy Bags are absolutely great for the makeup novice or someone who likes to experiment with different products and really doesn't have a distinct style or preference. I noticed that after I got over my 'beginners makeup' hurdle and really established my routine and preferences. Ipsy bags became more and more disappointing. 

Will I Rejoin??

Only time will tell. I am really starting to miss finding my mailbox stuffed with makeup goodies every month. Especially sharing them with you all :-(
I've given some consideration to Birchbox or any other subscription similar to Ipsy. But again only time will tell. 

Thats all the guts I have to spew out today my Loves.

Don't forget to check out all my other Ipsy Bag post and reviews and I will see you all soon!!!

L'Amour Toujours <3

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