Sunday, June 21, 2015

Life Update

Hello Dah-lings!!

Thought I'd get back into the swing of blogging with a life update.

Since the last time I blogged I have started a new position at work, started working a part-time job on Saturdays at Hallmark, Enrolled in Paralegal school part-time and of course started up my Youtube channel (sort-of), lost my cell phone and purchased a new one, depleted my savings account (YIKES!!), painted accent walls in my apartment, stopped wearing foundation and made the switch to BB/CC cream....AND....What else???

Have I shown you guys Vito and Carlito yet????

I think I did. As you all know Louie V. passed last October. I originally wasn't going to buy another parakeet. Especially not another lutino ~but Carlito's little personality 'and backflips' stole my heart~ and "Crybaby Don Vito" really needed a companion when I'm away.


New position at work~
It's somewhat of a promotion...


I've been working at Hallmark for about 4 months now I guess. The whole point of my starting a part-time job was to decrease the amount of free-time I had to go shopping and spending money out of boredom. I was working two nights a week and on Saturdays, but since my new position (at my Full-Time job) requires me to work quite far from the location of my Hallmark store, I decided to reduce my availability to 6-8 hours on Saturday. Long enough to keep me busy on Saturdays and still just enough hours to make working part-time worth my while.

Abby's Hallmark Facebook Page

Fun Fact:  My first job when I was 16yo was Hallmark (but at a different location). This Hallmark was also my Seasonal job while I was in college.

Paralegal School~

I'm proud of myself for looking towards the future and realizing that getting an additional degree is advantageous in the years to come.

YOUTUBE Channel~

My last entry featured a lookbook that I posted on my YOUTUBE Channel. Hopefully in the near future I will be posting more 'Pinup Fashion Lookbooks' both here on my blog and on YOUTUBE.

Lost my Cell Phone~

Yeah, last Monday night/Tuesday morning was pretty rough. I missed my class (on campus) b/c they were dismissed early, was late turning in the essay for my online class, my complex was re-asphalting my parking lot so parking was atrocious (I ended up parking my car by the entrance and walking all the way to my building 10:00 at night), woke up to two swollen eyes (I'm allergic to my makeup wipes) and ran over my cell phone~ DON'T ASK!
Just got a new one yesterday

Savings Account~

Furniture Shopping basically, but I really need to become adamant about replenishing it.

Accent Walls in my Apartment~

I decided to spend my Valentine's Day painting a few accent walls in my apartment. I used Vaspar paint in the color Tea Rose. Such a pretty soft pink color that I absolutely adore <3

BB/CC Cream~
I'll save the BB Cream update for a later post as I actually want to do a demo/pictorial for you guys.
That's all for now. I'll have more pics and fun stuff in my next entry.

Love Always,


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