Saturday, July 11, 2015

Christmas in July and Snow White Theme'd Casual Coord.

Hello Darlings!

Today was a pretty fun day at my part-time job. WE HAD CHRISTMAS IN JULY!! Although I'm not a fan of commercial Christmas (Santa, elves, ect.) I still love the overall aesthetics, music and festive themes of Christmas (yes I am a Christian, so CHRIST is always in my Christmas), so it was really fun seeing the décor, hearing the music and playing with all the fun, cute, innovative and kookie, Hallmark Christmas ornaments.

Never knew that ornaments was such serious business.

Needless to say I did get sucked in. I purchased a total of three (3) cutesy and all sugary-food(s) based ornaments. I've really been gravitating towards sweets décor in my apartment lately.

My selection included

A Little Crab Cake (1st in the Keepsake Cupcakes collection) yes I plan on buying the other twelve (each month a new one is released); Season's Treatings (seriously a plate full of Christmas cookies; doesn't get much cuter; and Santa's Favorite Drink (not really a 'Santa Claus' person, mais the hot coco and star shaped marshmallow detail completely sold me).

Since I was feeling so festive and really liked my makeup today, I decided to reintroduce my self-portraits with a bit of a Princess Snow White theme (hence the apple).
Casual Outfit Coordinate

Simple White nylon/cotton/lace blend dress ~Marshall's ~ $12
Yellow Nylon Scarf ~ Amazon ~ n/a  

Style Point
Anna Floral Princess Wedge Sandals 

Bonus Detail
Love the bow and crystals. Such a nice touch.

Tata for now my Loves!

Love Always,

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