Saturday, September 12, 2015

Update: Achievements and 2016 Events (text-heavy)

Hello Dahlings !

(Darlings, my spelling is intentional)

Its been quite a while since I've updated my Blog and I cannot promise that this "Blog Revival" will be consistent this time. I do however have TWO LARGE cups of Dunkin Donuts coffee which I have just chilled in the fridge and a lot to report to you wonderful readers. (Side Note its 9:12P.M. on 9/12...maybe I should buy a lotto ticket right now instead of Blogging...????)


Life has been good. I've adjusted to my "new" job and although I hate the commute, its still a pretty enjoyable work environment. When I first started this position I was a bit worried that being 'stationary' was going  be too much of a bore, but with everyday comes a little something new and refreshing, so its not so bad. At the very least its consistent and predictable. BUT I still find myself looking at the perspective 'higher paying' market from time to time. Its never too early to start planning for my future. Also I successfully completed my first semester of Paralegal school last month. That was certainly a doozy, and while it was enjoyable being a student again and it somewhat revived the writer in me, I certainly do appreciate this unexpected Semester off. Long Story...but hopefully I'll be back in school in the Spring.

In between time, no I HAVE NOT forgotten nor abandoned my love of Pinup/Vintage/Rockabilly/Retro fashion, culture and lifestyle. Quite the opposite actually. I follow new Pinup Groups on social media, buy new retro inspired outfits, perfect my signature Pinup Makeup Look and research new things about this culture that adore so much everyday. My newest obsession is Old Hollywood Movie posters which currently adorn both my office and apartment.

I've been spending most of my time enhancing my everyday casual and office appropriate looks because they are my biggest wardrobe altering priorities.

I no longer wear jeans
Have a least five (passable) circle skirts
Tripled my collection of A-Line dresses
Created uniformity in my Lingerie & Shapewear collection (yes its part of the look too)
Replaced all of my dreadful flip-flops (never liked those things) with ballet flats and sandaled wedges
Have  least four pairs of High-Waisted Professional slacks (which all need to be dry-cleaned at the moment (Le' Sigh))
Collected a nice collection of red lipsticks and lip liners
Consistently get my talons (aka fingernails) done - never was the type of girl to keep up with that
My hair is in an Old Glam inspired style most of the time
And my apartment is slowly becoming 'Retroland'

With every completed goal comes new ones; and although I have achieved a lot for someone who just discovered this culture two (or three) years ago, I'm still very much a baby.

Speaking of achievement since I have mastered my "look" enough for the time being. I think its about time that I took my game to the next level. Yes I mean events! Getting a bit annoyed with the "You love Retro Culture but you've never been to 'fill in the blank' retro-inspired bar, restaurant, car-show, ect.????"

I want to BE RETRO, not just admire an eatery or pub's vintage-inspired ambiance.

With that being said, and a little inspiration here and there on Youtube, I've sought out events coming up in the next 12 months or so, that promise to attract Seriously Engulfed Hobbyist and Lifestylers like myself. They include

Dapper Day at Disney - Orlando, FL (Spring & Fall 2016. Hope to attend both)
Pinupalooza - Orlando, FL (Summer 2016. If Orlando host one next year)
Pinned - Miami, FL (Spring 2016. Again if this particular Pinup Festival is held again next year)
Cupcake Burlesque's 'Cupcakes Go Cosplay' event - West Palm Beach, FL (Fall 2015)

Ok that last one is probably going to just be a crowd of randomness, but maybe I can get some decent pictures of their performers. Worth a shot I guess. 

Tah-Tah- For- Now!

Love Always,

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