Monday, February 1, 2016

Life Of Trolling - Twitter Hate During Black History Month

This is a totally spontaneous entry, but lately I've done the unthinkable!!! Yes I've been on Twitter!! Now I've never been a Twitter fan and only really used it for following here and there Pinup/Old Hollywood fashion gurus, and originally for posting my social media pics before I had an Instagram.

But since I'm soooo out of tune with what's Trending these days and my Twitter is pretty much dead anyway, I though it be a spontaneous way for peek inside of the voices of America/The World and see what's trending.

O f course with it being Black History Month. Quite a few internet Trolls though it'd be funny to trend White History Month and make empty points about how Black History Month is racist and blah blah blah....

Now background wise I have always been the black girl that all the other black kids teased and called white...

I played video games, listened to rock/alternative music/was into anime/was a nerd/teacher's pet/dressed different/talked proper/and all those other stupid things that kids tease black kids about when they don't quite fit in. IDK if that how it is now with the US seemingly becoming more inclusive/acceptive...but that's the childhood bullying I endured

I even gotten it once or twice in adulthood but I'll digress...

Anyhoo, my Twitter is dead so I decided to do a bit of Trolling before I actually delete it, particularly with this Black History vs. White History month thing because to any educated person its ALL CLEARLY STUPID and not even worth buying into.

AGAIN my Twitter is dead and I was feeling a bit Troll-ie so I commented to a few Trollish type characters.

How to Spot A Troll

1. No Profile picture
2. No pictures of themselves ANYWHERE on their social media or links to any of their other profiles
3. Usually their profiles are public and VERY ADVERSELY OPINIONATED

In other words they are cowards and HIDE behind anonymous profiles.

Now in my opinion Trolls should be Troll'ed. At least for good sport every once in a while. Just think about it. Trolls want attention! And Victory Violet just shared such an inspirational post about one of her fellow bloggers that was getting sexually harassed on the internet and how she fought back.

Okay Okay I was looking for trouble. But still its amazing how these ball-zie people shrivel up and reduce their BIG TALK once they're challenged.

My first round of Troll the Troll started with a dude by the name of AngryCornishman.

Pls forgive me but IDK how to screenshot with my new tablet, but basically I did a Trollish thing by responding to a Troll about how certain holidays within the American calendar are for the most part considered "White History" b/c minorities either didn't part-take in their establishment (in some cases they suffered for it) and/or it excluded minorities altogether when they first came to be.

The TROLL in me added the "TRASH BAGS" insult

Now these tweets are NOT IN ORDER  but here's the jist of how Troll #1 responds
  1.   AngryCornishman@AngryCornishman 3 hours ago
  2. you fail end of
  1. i have a right to just like you have a right to do the same to our elections ect

  1. because i live in a democracy like you bitch

  1. GTFO with that bollocks

  1. and 3 others Retweeted you
    4th of July, Columbus day, Thanksgiving and everything else you learned in American History class you trash bags
  1. I never learned American history fool i'm not American my name and pic should tell you that
IDK what happened to his first reponse...I think he/she deleted it. But basically when I challenged their comeback they said that they weren't American.
????? LMAO!!! Then when I inquired why they were even responding in the first place they said some crap about living in a democracy...IDK what his point was with that one b/c I'm still trying to figure out how Trollie connected living in a Democracy and having the right to elect with Black History Month in this first place???? 
Then proceeded to call me a "Fool" and a "Bicth" ya'know
BASIC 'IDK what else to say so I'm going to resort to name calling tactics'
To end it all I just called his Basic and a Trash Bag and blew him millions of kisses.
He said something broken about fail and bullocks....I LOVE YOU TOO ANGRY CORNY TROLL!!!!  
Troll #2 This was the FUN ONE
The thing about Trolls is they really don't have a lot of education/sustenance to their hate/comments. They hate but they don't fully know why. Or how to explain their hatred.
Penny Nowhere below responded to the same comment as the Angry Corny Man earlier.

those are USA celebrations. If U are USA U celebrate them too. Those arent celebrations of being white like BHM celebrates blks
I of course responded that the 'True' purpose of Black History Month is to recognize people of color who also contributed to US history who don't exactly get recognized in traditional American History Education. In short Black History IS US history, or at least a part of it. In all seriousness people of all backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures, religions, beliefs, genders, ect. have made awesome contributions to this nation. THAT'S WHAT MAKES IT GREAT AND THATS WHY IT WAS ESTABLISHED IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!
The Pilgrims first migrated here to escape oppression and find Freedom. Its something many peoples/nations of today still just dream of.
Le'sigh I'm going on a rant here....back to the Trolling
The Twitter Troll in me also threw in a second more cynical tweet..."Do some more research and then we can have an intelligent conversation"
Needless to say PennyNowhere ran with my insult.
Reverse Chrono-Order...(I think) Start from the bottom up.
  1. liked your Tweet
  2. 32m:
    okay oaky I'm officially done. I'll let you carry on with your Trolling/BAIT in peace. Good Luck with THAT!! #bestfriends
      1 hour ago
    1. well it's time for me to go. been interesting talking w/ U. good luck w/ all Ur endeavor in life & much happiness.

    Its kind of  confusing so I'll sum it up. Basically this girl is anonymous, but makes a lot of political statements in her Tweets/Pics.
    She didn't absorb anything I said about Black History being a part of US History ect. and responded with this  
    no it focuses ONLY on blks. Theres NO inclusion. That is BS No blk person would think a month titled WHM is for everyone. ie U
    And this
    1. in other words.I don't agree w/ Ur blatant crap U insult me.Yeah I don't sense U being able 2 have an intelligent convo w/ anyone
    Yeah I kinda trolled her into that one LOL!!!
    Lets just sa I was sitting in Pnera Bread munching on a brownie and a DELICIOUS cup of coffee, and had... well... TOO MUCH TIME ON MY HANDS
    I proceeded to Tweet to her nearly every US president, historical event, historical non-minority groups, historical celebrations, ect.
    PETTYNESS & TROLLING AT ITS FINEST!!! But hey I was an English major so.....Yeah. Writing is what I do...
    IDK I don't think she really knew half of these people/events, her only response was that they don't have holidays for whiteness... (duh, they're a building block in American history and are recognized in that aspect!!) i.e. the purpose of Black History Month ya'know... recognizing building blocks who are not mentioned in American History. Same goes for Women which is why there is also a day/month set aside for them as well....The very thing I said in the first place!!!!
    Penny Mae ‏@PennyNowhere 2h2 hours ago &@MiSSLiREE he's a person NOT a month or a holiday. ignorant rant just proves I may be right about U not being able to have intelligent convo


     Penny Mae ‏@PennyNowhere  · 3h3 hours ago 
    @MiSSLiREE ty for the list of ALL the things that go ignored and should be remembered & celebrated in a WHM

     Penny Mae ‏@PennyNowhere  · 3h3 hours ago 
    @MiSSLiREE not celebrated but would be IF we had a white history month

     Penny Mae ‏@PennyNowhere  · 3h3 hours ago 
    @MiSSLiREE yeah we won't be including Jimmy in our white pride month LOL

     Penny Mae ‏@PennyNowhere  · 3h3 hours ago 
    @MiSSLiREE not celebrated but IF we had a white history month all your examples of whites would BE honored

     Penny Mae ‏@PennyNowhere  · 3h3 hours ago 
    @MiSSLiREE not celebrated for his whiteness and not celebrated at all

     Penny Mae ‏@PennyNowhere  · 3h3 hours ago 
    @MiSSLiREE not celebrated for his whiteness and not celebrated at all.

     Penny Mae ‏@PennyNowhere  · 3h3 hours ago 
    @MiSSLiREE not celebrated and not remembered for being white, racist.

     Penny Mae ‏@PennyNowhere  · 3h3 hours ago 
    @MiSSLiREE not celebrated, and STILL waiting on where ANY of these are celebrated for being white. Your rant is only proving me right

     Penny Mae ‏@PennyNowhere  · 3h3 hours ago 
    @MiSSLiREE U mean the DAY (not a month) that Libs like you want us to STOP honoring. So it's ok to take a holiday from Italian but not blks

     Penny Mae ‏@PennyNowhere  · 3h3 hours ago 
    @MiSSLiREE that's an American holiday NOT a white holiday. Still can't prove your point beucz your point is racist.

    And she obviously didn't know anything about Thanksgiving.... I REBUKE the American education system for FAILING kids so hard like this!!! SHAME!!!

     Penny Mae ‏@PennyNowhere  · 3h3 hours ago 
    @MiSSLiREE the pilgrims slaughtered Indians on Thanksgiving?? I thought they killed turkeys. You're a racist joke


      Penny Mae ‏@PennyNowhere  · 3h3 hours ago 
    @MiSSLiREE they didn't kill and eat turkeys? they killed and ate Indians? What text book did they give you in school cannibals do it easy?

     Penny Mae ‏@PennyNowhere  · 3h3 hours ago 
    @MiSSLiREE where white people who are not honored died to free blk people.

     Penny Mae ‏@PennyNowhere  · 3h3 hours ago 
    @MiSSLiREE MY American history? then I assume since you're not an American citizen you won't be voting in Nov


     Penny Mae ‏@PennyNowhere  · 3h3 hours ago 
    @MiSSLiREE white people lost the right to vote after civil rights?

     Penny Mae ‏@PennyNowhere  · 3h3 hours ago 
    @MiSSLiREE not celebrated FOR being white.

     Penny Mae ‏@PennyNowhere  · 3h3 hours ago 
    @MiSSLiREE and NONE for them are celebrates for being white

     Penny Mae ‏@PennyNowhere  · 3h3 hours ago 
    @MiSSLiREE that is a man not a holiday. What month out of the year will we celebrate their achievements for the white race?

     Penny Mae ‏@PennyNowhere  · 3h3 hours ago 
    @MiSSLiREE he's a person NOT a month or a holiday. ignorant rant just proves I may be right about U not being able to have intelligent convo

     Penny Mae ‏@PennyNowhere  · 3h3 hours ago 
    @MiSSLiREE no month or day celebrates Ben

     Penny Mae ‏@PennyNowhere  · 3h3 hours ago 
    @MiSSLiREE still a person NOT a month

     Penny Mae ‏@PennyNowhere  · 3h3 hours ago 
    @MiSSLiREE no day celebrates Teddy

     Penny Mae ‏@PennyNowhere  · 3h3 hours ago 
    @MiSSLiREE there is no pilgrims are white and awesome day.

    LMAO!!! At the 'White Is Awesome Day. I missed that one while I was Trolling her

     Penny Mae ‏@PennyNowhere  · 3h3 hours ago 
    @MiSSLiREE day again

     Penny Mae ‏@PennyNowhere  · 3h3 hours ago 
    @MiSSLiREE that's a DAY not a month, a month is MANY days.

    This is when I started doing the laughter/Blowing Kisses  Emojis at her. Her pride kicked in and she admitted the insignificance in her opinions SO SHE RETREATED AND REDUCEDALL OF HER WORDS TO Jokes/Trolling and Insults. In other words everything she says is WORTHLESS. Kinda sad b/c going through her Tweets (yes I was THAT kind of Troll) she and I both have similar political views on a few things. AGAIN I AM A MODERATE CONSERVATIVE.

    1. thanks for the shout out, research the hastag. So you can inform all your friends how trolls bait ignorant people like you.  <<------ HATE PRAY FOR PEOPLE LIKE HER
    1. I guess it sunk in. LMFAO!!!!! TOO precious!!!! Awww you thought U had a cause to fight for. Awww U thought U were a BHM hero LOL  <<-------Admitting to the worthlessness of her opinions rather than expounding upon them.
    1. no the hashtag, WHM is a bait to racists, any minute it will hit you. It was started by trolls. you fell for it. Becuz Ur racist  HATE!!! <<-------Admitting to the worthlessness of her opinions rather than expounding upon them.
    1. it was OH SO effective. hook line and sinker. now that my fun is over I'll have to toss you back in the racist pond
    1. I see you're about ten posts behind me. When you catch up and the light blub goes off tons of LULZ
    1. you are a racist becuz Ur head popped at the JOKE (& it was a joke) of WHM. you took the bait that was set to trap racists. <<------ EVERYTHING SHE SAYS IS WORTHLESS!!
    1. youre right you made this ALL too easy. thank you for playing. your ignorance is very funny. You still dont see how you lost. <<------- BUT YOU'RE THE ONE WHO JUST CALLED YOUR OPINIONS WORTHLESS. Stand up for yourself and what you believe in!!!  DON'T CHOKE
    1. no you said that we shouldnt have a WHM becuz white history doesn't need it. Yet U proved it does. Check and Mate! <<< ------ IDK what she's talking about b/c I listed damn near every iconic white person in American History. I said from the very beginning that Black History Month exist to recognize ppl of color that aren't included. Only when we have INCLUSION CAN WE HAVE EQUALITY.  

    Penny Mae ‏@PennyNowhere  · 2h2 hours ago 
    @MiSSLiREE well it's time for me to go. been interesting talking w/ U. good luck w/ all Ur endeavor in life & much happiness.

     Penny Mae ‏@PennyNowhere  · 2h2 hours ago 
    @MiSSLiREE is your face an arrow?

     Penny Mae ‏@PennyNowhere  · 2h2 hours ago 
    @MiSSLiREE aren't you "hiding" behind a computer screen right now? <<<---- No Penny I have an actual profile. THAT's MY REAL PICTURE AND THIS IS MY REAL BLOG

     Penny Mae ‏@PennyNowhere  · 2h2 hours ago 
    @MiSSLiREE I'm a toll? does that mean I can charge you to visit? <<---- BUT YOU JUST SAID YOU WERE

     Penny Mae ‏@PennyNowhere  · 2h2 hours ago 
    @MiSSLiREE disagreeing with you is not intolerant. WOW you need a dictionary more then just the Urban one <<<---- Disagreeing is fine BUT YU JUST SAID ALL OF YOUR OPINIONS/POINTS ARE WORTHLESS

    I wonder what people are going through in their personal lives to FILL THEM WITH SO MUCH HATE?? 

    Does this poor girl really think her opinions are worthless?? Now its all just a joke..


    I kind of wish she was full of Less HATE and had the ability to expound upon her beliefs. The best way to learn is to obtain EVERYBODY's point of view MINUS THE HATE

     ALL IN ALL  trolling was fun. But don't worry I won't be making a habit out of it. Guess I've been reading Xiauxe's Blog a bit too much QUEEN OF PETTY!!!




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