Monday, March 7, 2016

Life of a Modern Pinup ~ Nylon Scarf Hair-Day Coiffure

Bonsoir my Dainty Little Darlings <3 
After 18+ hours of filming, tediously editing and painstakingly rendering and uploading this video not once, not twice BUT THREE TIMES!!! I now know/remember why I'm not a dedicated Youtuber.
But I can't say that my patience and diligence did pay off because I actually really like how the finished product came out.
This Classic Pinup/Rosie the Riveter inspired style is how I usually wear my hair on Lazy Sundays or any day  when I'm cooking, cleaning, running errands and/or really just don't feel like doing much to it. Its also a great way to reinforce curls in pre-curled hair while doing makeup or right before you go out.
Also, nylon scarves like the ones I use in this video aren't hard to find. I ordered a nice set of 12 or so in a variety of colors from for under $20.

I will try to film and produce videos more frequently in the future as this Blog continues to grow. I think I even want to spruce up and Re-upload a few videos that are currently on my channel.

Until next time!

Love Always,

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