Thursday, March 10, 2016

Life of a Pescetarian: Chic-Fil-A Super Food Side Dupe

Recently Chic-Fil-A discontinued their coleslaw side and released a new one in its stead called the Super Food side. The side consist of Kale, Broccoli, Cherries a sweet vinaigrette and the optional packet of nuts for toping.


So naturally being the penny pincher that I am I came up with my own version that I can make right at home.

Ingredients include

Pitted Cherries. Either fresh or in a jar as long as they're not maraschino

Kale (you can also do a mixture of broccoli, spinach and/or whatever other green leafy super food of your choosing)

& a Sweet Vinigarette, my choice is usually a raspberry one.

How to:

Separate the kale from the stems

Add a few of your cherries (stems removed of course)

If you have a jar of cherries like I do, mix a bit of Cherry Juice with your Sweet Vinaigrette

& optional nuts, I like my salad with Sliced Almonds for a little added crunch and protein.

Yep that's it that easy. A sweet, easy Chic-Fil-A Super Food side dupe.

Love Always,

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