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Life of a Pinup Girl ~ Rago Shapewear. Review. Comparison. Flaws. and Brief FAQs on Waist Training

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Anyone with an Instagram these days or even a mild addiction to the glam girls portrayed on reality t.v. has probably heard of the practice called waist training. It the practice of wearing corsets, shapewear, girdles or any other type of restrictive undergarment to constrict your waist and abdomen into a tiny and desirable shape.

More often than not the Instagram models who promote waist trainers are latex type trainers designed by neo-waist training companies and more so for women who already have bodacious curves.

To each his own but, I've been faithful to Rago shapewear ever since  outgrew my cheap $20 corset that I ordered from Amazon a few years back.
$20 corsets aren't bad for starters but get yourself something more suitable after you've mastered it.


Rago Shapewear is a veteran shapewear company that has been in existence since 1945 and specializes in a variety of women's shapewear for waist, hips, thighs and derrière.

Waist Training is promoted by many Kardashian clones online as if its the latest craze, but it was actually an immensely common practice amongst women in both the Victorian and Pinup eras.

 I don't want to bore you with a history lesson but basically corsets were used to achieve a Victorian era beauty standard called wasp waist.

Figure eight and hour glass shapes were again popular the 40's and 50's after the Flapper era and were achieved by wearing girdles as part of your undergarments.

Betty Brosmer 

Girdles back then were designed with the specific purpose of giving women that desired curvaceous shape without being seen under clothing, not necessarily for thermal activity and/or enhanced perspiration like the girdles/trainers of today. i.e. They were designed to been worn discreetly  under that sexy cocktail dress Training your waist and tucking you in at the same time, a two-for-one special if you will...

Rago shapewear is designed with bones much like a corset however, they are flexible bones making them much more comfortable than the traditional corset. The bones are made of a braided metal that bends 'only so much' to fit the shape of your waist while however still constricting and sucking you in.

This girdle is not made of latex but rather woven with 75% nylon and 25% spandex.

Personally, I like the nylon material because its so much come comfortable and breathable than a traditional corset and definitely a latex one; Making it easier to wear for many hours a day discreetly under your clothing.


wearing waist cincher under clothes

As mentioned before Rago Shapewear comes in many diverse styles to suit every need. For example if you're looking to smooth out your hips waist and derrière under your pencil skirt it comes in the open bottom girdle and closed bottom girdle designs. Also many articles in the Rago line are suitable for nylons/stocking wearers with 'built in/removable' garter belts.

I also on occasion have worn two pieces of shapewear at the same time, i.e. the waist cincher paired with the open bottom girdle to give me a super figure eight look.

Wearing both under clothes


Flaws in the Rago Waist Cincher

I've mentioned a few flaws of this cincher in a previous post short post featured here....

My biggest complaint with the cinchers was the flexible rods eventually breaking through the nylon and dislodging themselves.

In the cinchers defense I used to wear it everyday for 6-10 hours.

Not saying that tis isn't designed for everyday wear, but I wouldn't recommend wearing it during a sedentary work week. Sitting in a cincher of this design not only makes it fill more constrictive and uncomfortable on the abdomen , but it also bends and deforms the metal bones with into a shape that its not designed to be in. Sitting for long periods of time while wearing it causes to fold in accordance to your sitting posture. especially if you slouch. Eventually the bones begin to bend incorrectly and start to push upwards into your sides, bra and eventually breaking through the nylon fabric.

This of course ruins the cincher and makes it immensely uncomfortable to wear because it hasn't molded correctly.

Again, not saying that you cannot sit while wearing the cincher, but if you work in an office job type of position and you're going to be sitting for hours at a time, I would make a habit out of wearing it to work. Save it for days when your going to be predominately standing/moving around.

Is Waist Training really a thing, and does waist training really work???


Keyword is training! Its the same concept as training your muscles when you are exercise, training you lungs when you do deep breathing exercises. Basically, you're constricting how much your waist can expand and the tightness of your shapewear is molding muscle, fat and organs, YES organs into your desired shape.

OVERTIME, and with continual use your body learns to adhere to that shape. Also much like muscle training, while there is some form of retention and wasp waist memory that happens, for the most part result are not permanent but maintained through constant reinforcement. Stop wearing the training shapewear for a period of time and attained results can/will be lost.

Risk of Corsets, Girdles and/or Waist Training

I really don't want to go into the health risk of wearing cinchers/corsets/trainers/constrictive undergarments of any kind. We all know of the chronic waist wasp syndrome that women of the Victorian era faced due to wearing impossibly waisted corsets.

Any type of corsetistry is a wear at your own risk and comfort level type thing.

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