Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Life of a Savy Wine Drinker ~ Corkcicle Review and Demo

Ciao Dah-lings!

So what do you do when you're a little bit tipsy and procrastinating like HELL because you have school paper due tomorrow???

Do a consumer review of course. This review is less fashion pinup and more everyday woman. I've picked up some neat little merchandise at my part-time job Hallmark since I've been working there. But non quite as useful as the Corkcicle.

Yes as in Cork*cicle. A cork for wine bottles shaped like an icicle. Yes for anybody witty, you've probably figured exactly where I'm going with this. The cicle part of the Corkcicle is filled with a gelatinous substance that's designed to be frozen and capable of holding frigid temperatures for an extensive period of time.

Attached to the cicle is a filter, spout and of course a cork with a removable top. Once you've opened you bottle of wine the Corkcicle is designed to function as a cork that plugs the bottle, and icicle that preserves the wine to keep the wine chilled without watering it down with ice ect. i.e. the gelatinous substance its filled with.

As an extra added bonus to this already ingenious product, you don't actually have to remove the cork every time you want to pour a glass of wine. This cork has (as all corks should) an immensely useful and ingenious built in top. Just simply remove the top, pick up your bottle and pour. Wine travels up through the filter and right out the spout. 


yes this is a Martini glass...its been that kind of day...

And of course the Corkicle fits snuggloy and securely in most wine bottles. I would say all but honestly I only buy French wine...and DUH this is not for that boxed stuff.

see tipsy-ness kicking in...back to that boring paper of mine...mMUAH!!!!

Love Always,

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