Monday, August 15, 2016

Instant Nostalgia 2 (& Life)

Good Morning Darlings!

This morning I woke up to the pleasant odor of moldy carpet as it appears that my A/C is leaking…
Or at least I think its my A/C….strange thing is the carpet is only soaking wet in one particular spot that’s adjacent from the a/c but the tiled kitchen floor directly in front of the closet that houses the unit is completely dry. It could also be my dishwasher that also is housed adjacent from the carpeted area, but again same scenario, the kitchen floor isn’t wet and neither are any other surrounding areas of carpet and tile.
Turns out my downstairs neighbors unit is also leaking so maybe there’s just an internal pipe broken in the building
 Well whatever, can’t let it damper my day (hehe, see what I did there).
Anyhoo, in this edition of Instant Nostalgia is an edited photo of a picture I took when I was showcasing my vintage peter pan collar jacket.
Happy Monday Daaahlings!

Love Always,

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