Sunday, August 28, 2016

Life Of Li.ree | Its an Aztec Clay kinda Sunday.

Sault Darlings,

I'm experiencing the phrase 'Lazy Sunday' quite literally today. I've gone to church, gas'd up my car, and purchased food for my greedy little roommates....

Now I'm resting night gown and all and enjoying what's left of my weekend before the work week strikes. A part of me wishes that I was getting commissioned to write rather than push papers, but I suppose that would too come with its own set of challenges and even possibly suck the enjoyment out of it...

On a beauty note, my face is currently tightening and pulsating due to this Aztec Secret Indian Healing clay mask that I have on. I've been suffering from stubborn blackheads more and more recently primarily due to my own lapses in my skincare routine and also of course due to wearing a light layer of foundation and powder everyday to work.

Le' No Makeup, Makeup look is! And my pores have been suffering, especially on my nose!

Aztec Secret Indian Healing clay is great because its all natural and manages to shrink my pores quite visibly within its first couple of uses.

Tah-Tah for now my Loves.

I bid you adieu with this Instant Nostalgia.

Love Always,

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