Saturday, August 27, 2016

Lip Monthly Customer Service (Honest Review)

Good Morning Darlings!

I wanted to compose a very brief entry about Lip Monthly's customer service since that seemed to be an area of concern for a few customers who have done reviews on the subscription service.

If you've already read my Lipstick Journey and Lip Monthly Review (July 2016)  entry. You know that I received my first (July 2016) lip product bag with Lip Monthly timely and without hassle or delay. During the month of August however I did have a wee bit of trouble. But I'm not sure if it was due to technical difficulties on my part, or Lip Monthly's headquarters overlooking my transaction.

On August 1st it was anticipated that I would be billed $12.95 which is the normal Lip Monthly subscription price. Unfortunately, in June I lost/misplace/destroyed my primary Debit card (which sadly is something I seem to do every 3-5 months). Also unfortunately I neglected to update my Lip Monthly account with my new card information. So as expected on August 1st I got an advisory email from Lip Monthly's Headquarters, informing me that my current credit card information did not go through and that it should be updated.

Since I view the vast majority of my emails via cell phone, I was informed right away (as in the morning of August 1st) logged in to my account with the subscription service, and updated my payment method. My bank statement shows that a $12.95 transaction from Lip Monthly was processed on August 3rd.

All is well right. Well yeah sort of. I noticed that by August 12-15 I still hadn't received my Lip Monthly bag. Not that that this is a HUGE delay, but I did start checking for any kind of tracking and/or status information on my package. Turns out that either I overlooked it, or they just don't provide tracking information or even a courteous notification of shipment for that matter. So, when August 19th rolled around I decide to send an email to Lip Monthly's customer service address. And received this auto reply

I sent the message on Friday August 19th and received an actual response on Wednesday, August 24th.

Turns out the Bag was sent out on August 17th.

And yes I did receive it on August 23rd. The day before my response email from Lip Monthly. All is well right???


What the heck happened to that pretty Gold presentation I received last month???

July 2016's Packaging

August 2016's Packaging


Customer Service? 6/10

I really don't like the fact that I cannot track the shipment of my monthly bags. But, overall they did respond timely and I did receive it...However, their presentation isn't...umm...consistent????


Tah-Tah for now!

Love Always,


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