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Lipstick Journey and Lip Monthly Review (July 2016)

Hello Darlings!!

Anyone who knows me knows how much I absolutely LOVE lipstick. RED LIPSTICK in particular! Primarily, because I favor the instant Pin Up Girl look and secondarily because it compliments my skin tone so well.

Lipstick for me started heavy swipes of expensive bright red lipstick that didn't always pair too well with the rest of my poorly applied makeup.

Then I discovered lip liner and my bright red lips became even BRIGHTER, but my makeup style started to compliment my dangerously bright lips better than it did in college.


But now I've gotten bold enough to experiment with new colors of lipstick, especially since LIPS are all the rage in beauty trends right now.
Since cancelling my subscription with Ipsy's Glam Bags, I've been on the hunt for a new subscription service that caters to the one thing I would never say no to. LIP PRODUCTS!

What is Lip Monthly?

Lip Monthly is Monthly Subscription service much like Ipsy, that promises 4-5 Full size lip products every month that come packaged in a cute reusable makeup bag. They charge $12.95 a month and the retail value of all of the products in the bag is guaranteed to be between $35-$55.

But why switch over to a subscription service so similar to Ipsy's Glam Bags?
Well, quite simply because I LOVE trying new lip products. I know red lipstick is my thing, but in the last several months I've been experimenting with new combinations of lipsticks and lip liners in various shades and consistencies.

First Impression

First of all I want to say this. I did a little bit of research on this subscription service and saw...well..mixed reviews.
There were concerns about receiving the box timely, bad customer service, receiving (old) discontinued products, ect.

Obviously, all very disappointing news to hear about a service that has such great potential. But the website looked pretty professional. I signed up in late June for the July Bag and only had to pay $5-$6.

The bag arrived July 14th (or somewhere around mid-July) as expected and came in the absolutely gorgeous Gold packaging.

Ipsy packaged their bag in the exact same metallic packages in a hot pink color. BUT I AM SO ABSOLUTLELY BIASED WHEN IT COMES TO GOLD!!

And of course inside was this petite makeup pouch with all of my products tucked snugly inside.

(Just like most subscription services it comes with a little post card listing all of the products and their retail value....)


The first product I pulled out of the bag I was really confused about. At first I thought it was a lip scrub but it turns out its a facial mud mask. Don't get me wrong I LOVE using masks and I've seen a huge improvement in my skin since I've started utilizing them 1-2 times a week. I just wasn't expecting a company called Lip Monthly to provide one.

But non-the-less its a great mask. As you can see it called The Original Fango Mud Therapy and its manufactured by Jor'el Parker (an extension of Harvey Prince Organics). As per its description its a mud mask that's infused with oils such as Avocado & Sweet Almond, Green Tea Antioxidants and Ash Minerals.
It also has a very distinguishable minty smell and sensation on the skin. Its tingly when applied but not in a burning way. I always like masks that tingle a little bit because I really feel like its working and getting down into my pores. (That might all be mental but w/e).

Lip Products
(warning these are bright light photos, colors aren't 100% true) 

I want to start off with the product that I have been using the most since the arrival of my Lip Monthly bag a month ago, and that is this MANNA Kadar lip locked priming gloss stain.

As of recently I have been reviving my relationship with lip gloss, and I am waaaaaay more open to nude glosses and matte lipsticks than I used to be. (More on that in another post).

I LOVE the texture, staying power and pigmentation of this gloss. But the color isn't really my favorite all on its own.

(Wearing One Swatch of gloss)

I have been pairing it with either a coffee colored lip liner underneath or placing it on the center of my berried colored/deep red lips for an ombre effect.

I was most curious about the Orange Jello Shot Lip and Cheek Gel by So Susan. Gel is right, because it initially looks like a gloss, but the texture of the product is more watery than the average lip gloss  watery and only slightly sticky. Its also HIGLY pigmented and smells EXACTLY LIKE JELLO (or even Kool-Aid). Just don't let the smell fool you. I don't recommend licking your lips (bleh!).  

               (one swatch)

I have seen people use products like this on their cheeks for a light blush effect but I'll have to try that out at a later date.

Lastly, I received this DSL (Dirty Little Secret) creamy lipstick in the color Guilty Pleasure. I'm not crazy about sheer, pink and satiny when it comes to lipstick and...well...that's what it is.

One swatch doesn't do much for my complexion. But hey, I'm sure I'll reach for it one day.

Total Retail Value of the Bag - $68.95

Not bad for only $5-$6. But of course the monthly price is actually $12.95.

Well that is it my Loves. So far so good, Product wise. I'll have to talk about customer service in another post.

Tah-Tah for now!

Love Always,

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