Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Life Of Li.Ree | Summer Rains ft. Arhaus

Hello Darlings!

I know probably literally everyone reading this entry has heard and/or used the expression “Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees” but did you all know that there actually such a thing as a Money Tree??? 💲💲💰💲💵

No seriously!!

Okay, okay the money tree is actually symbolic. Kind of like the cousin of the Lucky Bamboo! They both have origins tied heavily to East Asia (specifically China). I’ve been gravitating towards plants more and more lately. It started with the orchids that my boss used to always bring into work and that I would faithfully water and nurture. 

Watching the limbs stretch out and the blooms sprout and grow became very rewarding and relaxing.
(Occassionally I got left over roses too 😜😜😜 lol)

Then I branched out to nurturing dislodged limbs of plants owned by my co-workers. I felt so motherly watching my little chlorophyll-filled babies take root and mature into massive (and somewhat invasive) foliage. Clinging to walls, towering atop ledges, stretching further and further away from their dusty bookshelf location, towards the peaks of sunlight glimmering through cubic-like office windows.

Now my wallet is plagued by the laudable nurseries that are plentiful here in sunny South Florida. I visit them waaaay more than I should in my spare time over the weekends.   

Thus far I have a very small collection of houseplants and now I’m working on the outdoors and sprucing up my humble balcony. I don’t have the awesome Golf Course views that my bordering neighbors do, but I do have a nice view of the water, especially when it rains.

Here’s a x6 version of a nice summertime sun-shower two weeks ago.

Now all I need is a nice collection of Patio Furniture. Nothing too massive or gaudy, but clean, simple and relaxed.
I was swooning over a comfortable collection I saw at Arhaus in Palm Beach Gardens the other day.

I smell a new wish list brewing!!!

Speaking of furniture and wishlist, I made a little window shopping trip to Pier One the other day to see my wishlist sofa in person.

Not at ALL what I was expecting!!!

The style was nice but overall I just don't think its going to compliment the space in my Living Room as well as I had hoped.

The color selection(s) was my primary concern since I now have acquired these gold and  very Old Hollywoodesque decorative pillows.

I think they'll stand out more with something more in either the sable or fawn color variant.

Like this Wessex Upholstered sectional that I saw also at Arhaus. Still a tufted style but a little more mature.

Tre Chic!

(I think Madame Chic would approve! LOL!)

And a sectional would fit perfectly on the wall facing my balcony and wishlist patio décor *wink wink*

Ciao Darlings! Happy Hump Day!

Love Always,

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