Saturday, October 29, 2016

Life Of Liree | Fashion Nova 'Effie Skirt' Review

Hello Darlings!

Hope everyone is having a Happy Saturday! Mine has been a blessing because I'm only 1 day away from my 28th Birthday and feeling the Love all around!

In celebration of my new year of life. I've decided to re-vamp my style and closet into a whole new form of Modern Pinup Glam. You've already seen a snipet in this post -----> Life of a Modern Pinup | The Golden Era but basically I'm going VERY gold/metallic. The interest in gold and metallic was very here and there pieces at first. But I did very much admire how dressy I looked when I wore articles of clothing that were flashy. But it was really Mae West's She Done Him Wrong movie that made me remember why I loved Old Hollywood style in the first place. THE GLAM!!!

There was no such thing as dressy in those days. What we call our Sunday's Best in 2016 is what they called daily attire 60+ years ago. Dressy back then was the equivalent of extravagant today which included big hats, big furs, feathers, massive diamonds and lavish accessories.

Fashion then truly was golden!!

Anyway on to Fashion Nova. I'm obsessed with Pinup inspired fashion which of course is achieved in its most basic standards with a office blouse or jacket I like the ones made out of silk or chiffon.
And of course a fitted high waist Pencil skirt or Wiggle skirt as it may be called in the pinup community.

I've heard nothing but rave reviews about Fashion Nova's high waist jeans and high waist skirts so I decided to check them out and liked a lot of what I saw.

Clothing Review

I am in LOVE with this Effie skirt!!!!! Its a nice solid black and not faded at all. IT DOES NOT ATTRACT LINT (a major concern of mine with black fabric skirts). The sizing fits like a glove!!! Its formfitting and hugs every curve, yet its still very breathable. And the rayon/nylon/spandex material is stretchy, modest and durable. Modesty was another very big concern of mine with pencil skirts. Although the idea is a sexy formfitting look, Heaven forbid the skirt hugs so tight that it shows every panty/thong line, your entire butt-cheeks and even your unsightly food-baby after lunch!

The only thing I'm a bit concerned about is how high the slit goes...not quite work appropriate with it in the front but the skirt is reversible which looks a bit better.

Overall a solid A

Shipping, Communication and Customer Service

I placed my Order for two Effie Shirts in black, size small on October 24th and received my order today October 29th. I also received a plethora of emails from the time of purchase until now, confirming my Order and notifying me of its shipment and transit.
Shipping A+
Communication A++

Now on to customer service. The review should be over and done with right now but unfortunately I am facing a bit of a hiccup.
When I received my package it arrived by US Priority mail and included a return slip, Fashion Nova coupon code, my packaging slip...

and one skirt...ONE SKIRT!!!!

YES I purchased TWO!!!!!

Le Sigh. I'll be contacting their customer service email address to inform them, so I'll have to keep you all updated about that.

Tah Tah for now!

Love Always,

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