Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Life Of Li.Ree | Hurricane Matthew pt.1 (Quiet Before the Storm)

Hello My Darlings,

As most of you South Florida Natives. And most likely everyone in the U.S. knows, Matthew (a category 4 Hurricane is rapidly approaching). I'm a South Florida Native, and so far I have been through at least 3 hurricanes that I can recall. Wilma, Frances and Jean.

I can't recall which was which because they all blasted through Florida back to back in 2004-2005 (time frame). Those were all massive storms but it was the aftermath of them all that sucked the most. I was still in high school and living at home with my mom and two younger brothers. I actually don't remember the storm itself, but during one of them I distinctly remember "the eye" moment when my family and I went outside (thinking the storm was over) and had a bit of a Homer Simpson moment....

If anybody's seen this episode, you know what I'm talking about. LOL

Well even though I don't quite remember being worried or concerned during the storms. It was the aftermath of the storms that was pretty scary. The longest we went without power was 12 days!! YES 12!!

We endured a maximum of 8 during one of those storms, before deciding to pack up and head to a relatives home in Orlando. Hence why having a full tank of gas is so important.

We also ran short on food at some point and had to venture out to restock. We were very fortunate to not have any down power lines, massive tree limbs and flooding trapping us within our home (those are all very much possibilities). **Yikes!**

There was little to no power in any of the homes or within many of the stores immediately surrounding our neighborhood. So we had to venture out quite a ways to find....well...civilization.

Waaay out West in the suburbs we did find life going somewhat on as usual. But of course there was plenty of destruction to see along the way. Mostly snapped power lines and trees... Including our very own backyard Mango tree that LITERALLY snapped in two. Thankfully it didn't fall on the house but it did completely clobber our wooden fence.

I remember stopping at The Original Pancake House either two or three days after the storm. It was semi-business-as-usual because they only had limited items on the menu available, and I'm sure they were short staffed.

There was another time that we ventured waaaaaay out into the boonies looking for a hot plate of food and a cup of coffee. IDK how we ended up way out there but I think we were just going out of our minds being stranded in that hot, stuffy powerless house. We had the shutters up for several days after the storm for safety reasons, as our alarm system was out and so were our cell phones (just as the electric goes out, so do cell phone towers). Unfortunately, no air was able to circulate throughout the house and the whole place started to feel like a sauna, + no tv, no hot water (to bathe in), no internet, no cell phones, no hot food, no cold beverages, limited water/beverages/everything!!!....

Well here we are again. Its been 11/12 years but a category 4 hurricane is on our heels. I'm in an apartment this time around, but it will be interesting to see what kind of scenario plays out. For one nobody is putting up hurricane shutters. I guess everyone is just going to brace themselves and repair any damage that's done via our mandatory rental insurance. Ummm, IDK how that's going to work out but I guess people like me who live the second and third floors don't really have a choice. Some of our windows just aren't easily accessible to board up.

Some people are duct-taping their windows, which I actually heard is much worse than not doing anything at all. Go Figure.

My primary concern is broken glass. Not just from the winds shattering the patio doors and windows, but from due to falling/flying Tree Limbs. I live in a community with A LOT of trees. And while blowing branches are relaxing and beautiful during a rainstorm, they can cause catastrophic damage during a hurricane!

Exhibit A.
The tree growing directly in from of my Living Room window. (I have another window directly infont of this tree)

Exhibit B. The dozens of trees in the parking lot. I tried to find a parking spot that wasn't under/next to a large tree...but, let's face it....They're ALL under/next to a big tree.

Here's hoping I don't find Groot in my apartment or on top of my car after the storm.

Other than that I'm not too, too concerned about the storm. No work. Some down time. I can do some reading. Hopefully the storm brings in a nice breeze, ect. ect. ect.

And you can't deny what a beautiful day it is outside currently.

Love Always,

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