Saturday, October 8, 2016

Life of a Modern Pinup | The Golden Era

The Golden Years
The Golden Era!
The Golden Girls

These phrases were coined for a reason, because while everyone else is reaching for that cliche boring Instagram look...

...I've been reaching for Gold!

I call this piece my Christmas Sweater. I purchased it at the Adopt-A-Cat Thrift Store in Jupiter, FL. It was 30% off I believe so I probably only paid $6 or $7 for it. 😌😌

It's coined my Christmas seater because the older woman (as in 70's) ranted and raved about how she had one just like it in silver that she wears ever Christmas. LOL!!!
But let's be real, I wear this sweater all year long.
Grandma Fashion strikes again 😎😎

As a bonus, it even has these two cute little pockets on both sides, and of course pretty gold buttons.

Speaking of grandma fashion, any 80 year old woman literally snatched this gem out of my hands when she saw me walking around the store with it. Ok, snatched is a bit of an exaggeration, but she stroked, felt, grabbed and then didn't want to let go, while going on and on about how lucky I was to have found this top.

I call it 

***Sheeeen!!! SPARKLE SPARKLE *****

Along with that top I found another beauty by Cache. Both tops cost about $8 or $12 at Hospice Retail store in Jupiter, FL.
I call her...Cache 😋😋

I go to that particular Hospice Reatil store quite often so I know thats where these particular tops came from as well. This one remains un-named...

While this one I call simply Goldie.

And of course theirs Glam, she's my absolute favorite Gold top.

Lastly, I found this little gem at Goodwill retail. Not crazy about the brown, but hey, it's got gold on it. 😌  😌  She's Not Basic

The Life Of Li.Ree  is Golden!
Tah-Tah for now my Loves!

Love Always,

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