Saturday, November 5, 2016

Romwe Review | Denim Circle Skirt

Salut mes amours!!

I'm back with another clothing company review and this time I will be sharing my purchase from a company called Romwe!

This review is going to be extremely short because I only ordered one item form the company (as I usually do when I'm testing out a new online shopping service).

Once again I ordered a piece that is inspired by my love of Pinup fashion. Another major staple the circle skirt!

The Circle Skirt that I ordered was this one as listed on the site

Clothing Review

There was only one stock photo listed on this
site with no actual model photos and no reviews, so I was a little hesitant to commit to it at first because I wasn't exactly sure how genuinely denim it was and how it was going to flare like an actual Pinup inspired circle skirt... opposed to a 90's denim/jean skirt.

To my great relief. I was presently surprised with the skirt. Although it arrived very wrinkled, it flares and flows like a circle skirt!

The denim is just ok, somewhat comparable to Forever21 type denim, but the skirt is very light weight and breathable, so a thin lesser quality denim works for this design. But I am a little concerned about how its going to wash. I would highly suggest washing it in gentle detergent or Woolite to preserve the color.

B+ for the skirt itself.

Shipping, Communication and Customer Service

I placed my order on October 29th and received an email with my tracking number on October 30th. My package arrived on either the evening of November 3rd or the morning of November 4th.

A+ for shipping, delivery and customer service.

That's it for today! Au Revoir my loves!

Love Always,

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