Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Life Of Li.Ree | I Want to Be Eeevil Daaahlings

Hello Daahlings!

A question came to my mind several months ago and I just got the answer last week. The question was, "Where the heck did I hear the word darling, melodiously pronounced as DAAAHLING!!!?" (a pronunciation of darling that makes the 'r' sound like an 'h')

I knew it had to be some Old Hollywood influence, and after a while of pondering Zaza Gabor came to mind. I knew from watching several of her shows and motion pictures, that Darling was a term of endearment that she would frequently use. Her eloquent voice carried somewhat of an accent that would make darling sound like dahling.

Lord Bless her and may she Rest In Peace.

However, she was far more of a soft spoken woman and her voice didn't quite match the assertive and commanding voice saying DAAAHLING!!! that kept ringing in my head every time I wrote these entries.

I even went on social media a few times hoping that a few keywords would lead to an Internet meme that matched that fabulously assertive voice.

Then she finally screeched into the driveway of my memory bank chauffeured in her classic Panther De Vil 😍 and her tiny frame draped in a luxurious fur coat. The woman of my dreams perfectly remastered by the ingenious and ever so talented Hayden Williams

😍  πŸ˜  πŸ˜  πŸ˜

These drawings are seriously #WomanCrushEveryday and they immediately became the wallpaper for every electronic device that I own.

I follow various (what I call) Vintage Fashion and Lifestyle Enthusiast like myself on social media, particularly Instagram. And something that has captured my eye once again is the Pinup Goth subculture. Many of them post pictures of villainous pop culture characters, and one day Cruella graced down my timeline.

Her classic cartoon days, though not quite as aesthetically pleasing as her Glenn Close days, still caught my curiosity enough to take a nostalgic walk through my childhood and dig up some of her scenes from 101 Dalmatians (as I had completely forgotten what she sounded and acted like).
Dahlings....what a phenomenal villain she is.

I almost feel like she heavy inspired the concept of Yzma. Another favorite Disney Villain of mine, voiced by the scrumptious Eartha Kitt.

These two characters make you want to be eeevil Daaahling and pehhhfectly wretched 😘😘😘😘

Cheerio Daaahlings!!

Love Always,

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