Thursday, December 29, 2016

Life Of Li.Ree | Pinup Girl Clothing & Amazon Wishlist

Sault Dahlings 😚😚

Just dropping a line with a small entry. I have FINAL placed another order with (aka PUG) after nearly 11 months.
My first order was the Pinup Couture Pencil skirt, that I ordered in an Extra Small.

Picture from Pinupgirlclothing's site, model is Doris Mayday 

Unfortunately, I was deceived by the curvaceousness of the models on the site. The PUG models may know how to manuveur their figures to look extra scrumptious and full, but trust me, their skirts (in particular) run small. Sadly, I had to return it.

Le' Sigh.

Well here I am again using a Christmas gift card this time to swipe a few things off my wishlist. This little treasure of a skirt has been on my wishlist for well over a year. Especially in the couleur ROUGE😍😍😍😈

But I ordered it in black b/c
A. I thought that would be most "work appropriate" and
B. Black would pair nicely with these shoes from my Amazon Wishlist 😈

Tré Chic!

I've been seeing faux fur shoes a lot on Instagram, and while i'm not certain if it's a Insta-Trend... fur and feather embellishments have always been an Old Hollywood glamour staple, so it's good in my book.

Speaking of clothes and shoes, I think I'm going to compose a 'What's In My Vintage Bag' tag very soon. I've finally started carrying my vintage purses and I love not having a overly stuffed massive purse full of 'whoknowswhat'.
Finally just a clean, elegant purse.

Tré Chic Fois Deux 😈

Love Always,

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