Sunday, January 1, 2017

Life Of Li.Ree | New Year, New Me?

Happy New Year Dahlings!

I wanted to get a handful of post out yesterday pertaining to New Years Eve, but I sleepily recorded a video the night before and spent yesterday editing it instead. Sooo... no New Years Eve post, but I do want to speak on something that just occurred this morning. A New Year's dream perhaps... 

Traditionally, during the coming weeks and days of the New Year it was common to transcribe New Years Goals/Resolutions. Both long term and short, New Years Resolutions were intended to outline the changes you wanted to make in life to really make this year feel anew. Good intentions, but we all know that often times...Life happens, causing many to leave these new life changing goals in the wind.

Then came the ever so savage social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter. In the past years these networking sites have almost abolished and definitely jinxed the idea of New Year's goals. Hashtags such as #Newyearnewme would go around chanting New Years mantras, and would quickly be demolished by the negative blackhole that can be social media.

This Year I've seen few New Years goals going around amongst my friends and family. I suppose after being shattered time and time again...people just stop setting goals and believing.  

I initially had planned on going out for New Years, not to party but to church. I like ringing in the New Year that way and missed out on it last year and the year before. But after editing, the video I had recorded previously, I started to feel unusually tired pretty early in the night.

By 8:30P.M. I had gotten to a point where I just couldn't keep my eyes open anymore and literally crashed into bed. Majority of the lights in my apartment were still on 😁😂

I slept completely through the night until about 6:00A.M., when I was alerted by the screeching sound of noisy roommates who mistook the Living Room lamp for sunlight.

This one in particular! Always ready for action and fun at the crack of dawn!!
By the way have I mentioned this yet??!??

Little rascals!

Anyway. I shut off the light and went back to sleep. One more hour (maybe) before they realized it was morning and cranked up again. I drifted back to sleep and began to have a very weird and bizarre dream.

I was at work...I think...or at lest some of my co-workers were present. And I had a loose tooth. I was so shocked that one of them was loose that I wiggled it just to verify. During verification the whole thing just popped out. I damned near cried, and checked the mirror to see how noticeable it was when I laughed, talked or smiled. I opened and closed my mouth a few times, and noticed a new tooth peering through were the old one had just fallen out. I opened my mouth to check again to the ghastly realization that four more had disappeared!!

Now I should have known I was dreaming, but in the moment it all felt so real! I choked back tears checking my gums for sighs of new teeth growing in, and sure enough they all showed signs of a new tooth peeking through the gums.

These weren't my molars that I lost by the way, they were all my front teeth, that greatly affected my appearance.

My gums were bare every time that I opened my mouth and I was ashamed to smile or talk or even cry. And they were swollen beyond belief and in so much pain due to the new teeth growing in.


 ...woke me up again.
I checked my mouth to make sure it wasn't real, then check my phone for the time.
I had a message from my brother from last night...
New Year indeed, and already I was having nightmares. Or maybe it was all just a sign... I had been going through a really hard time during 2016. It was very hard to even smile sometimes. I couldn't always just laugh it off. And I was too ashamed to cry.
What if my new teeth really are coming in? A new set.. NEW BEGINNING.

There are a lot of interpretations for loosing teeth dreams, so take from it what you will. But I think this  truly is the start of something new in my life. Lets just see what happens.

Welcome 2017! I'm ready for my New Teeth!

Love Always,

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