Sunday, January 1, 2017

Life Of Li.Ree | What's In My Vintage Purse

Bonjour Mes Amoures!

Because I've recently decided to give my giant Vince Camuto purse a break and started toting around my (much smaller) vintage purse in its stead. A What's In My Bag...or rather What's In My Purse tag (since I'm trying to be lady-like) seemed to be fitting.

Currently I have been donning my vintage Wicker Koret clasps purse, black with metal gold detailing.

(Please excuse the hairpin)

This isn't the first time that my vintage wicker Koret bag has been featured on my blog.

I purchased the bag at one of the monthly Antique Festival shows at the South Florida Fairgrounds however, I haven't actually started carrying it until recently.
I was very much apprehensive about carrying the bag on an everyday basis because I didn't want to damage or dirty it. Also I used to carry such MASSIVE handbags and literally carry my life in it.

Since I'm on this journey to become more elegant and lady-like vintage. I figured that a massive purse was not. chic.

Also during the month of November, I found this gorgeous gold Whiting and Davis vintage wallet. And it partners so well with an elegant vintage handbag.

Also in my bag I carry my Besame Cosmetis Lipstick Lip Brush.   
I absolutely love this product and use it to apply my lipstick everyday! Plus its so chic! A Bonus!

So Dramatique!

Of course what's a lip brush without Lipstick! I am O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D with this Burt's Bee's hydrating lipstick in the couleur Ruby Ripple. I may do an entire review on it one day, but I'll save that for a makeup collection post.  (Yes its messy, I use it A LOT)

Of course I also carry a backup lipstick as well as a lip liner....

 And last but not least, an emory board (aka a nail file).

Keys and Cell Phone of course...but their not very photogenic 😂😂
That's it! I have NEVERY IN MY LIFE carried so few items in my purse! It feels so good to finally have a purse that fits and lady, and not one that comparable to a diaper bag 😂😂😂😂

Hope you enjoyed this little post.
Tah-Tah for now my Loves!

Love Always,

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