Friday, July 14, 2017

Disney's Aladdin Casting Struggles | Issa' Rant

So apparently Disney has a live action Aladdin movie in the works and it's casting directors are having a "had-time" finding people to play the live action film's lead roles.
This meme is TOTALLY ME

No seriously I very much agree with people stating that he's not 'excatly' the right ethnicity but hey with all the white-washing tone-deaf casting directors in Hollywood, throwing out flops like Ghost In the Shell, I'll take what I can get. Jennifer Lopez (Puerto  Rican) was thrown under the bus for playing Selena (Mexican) but she still did a phenomenal job. And FYI Disney' live action Black Panther actor isn't "African" (playing devils advocate here) but African American and neither are the primary voice actors for The Lion King live-action film.

I'm not saying that I want this particular actor to play Aladdin, or that the role should be cast on looks alone....😢😢😢
BUT I can forgive ethnicity mistakes if Disney at least attempts to get the cast somewhere in the correct ball park. Lest we have this kind of crap again...

OK rant over. C'mon Disney!!! Don't mess up my childhood fave. 😤😤😤

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